Pros and cons for a high-frequency lifestyle

pretty-woman-1509959_1280The high-frequency life is one of the healthiest lifestyles you can practice. It is about connecting to the Creator, Mother Earth and your higher-self. It is also about healing, eating healthy, treating your body with love and respect, and producing light energy for yourself, your relations and the earth at large. It focuses on all the wonderful fuzzy emotions and feelings that exist currently on earth like love, hope, joy, peace, passion, fulfillment, bliss and ecstasy.

Practicing this lifestyle will give you an all-around feeling of well-being. You will live inspired. Everyday will bring a wonderful discovery, filling you with that childlike sense of wonderment. As you continue down the path and develop energy sensitivity, you will feel the presence of high-frequency light beings around you – guiding you, raising your energy, and sharing insights.

As you know, we currently live in a dualistic realm. With the good comes the bad. The downside to high-frequency living is that it may attract the dark. You will become a light bulb in a sea of darkness. The higher the frequency you emit, the brighter you shine, and the more you will be seen.

Those who are not karmically entangled may float through this transformation without much hassle. But those who have karmic debt to pay off may face a fair share of problems from the dark. Those who are destined to become light warriors may also face problems as part of their battle training.

High-frequency living can also become difficult if you enjoy doing low-frequency activities. It will be like trying to push a 12 foot concrete wall to the side. For this reason, a slow transformation is best for those who still have strong ties to the lower-realm of existence.