Exercise: Preparing your mind for a high-frequency life

home-office-2838944_1280Before moving forward, here are a few exercises to prepare your mind for high-frequency living.

Grab yourself a pen and two sheets of paper. If you prefer to write on your telephone, iPad, or computer, you can. All that matters is that you have a place where you can write your thoughts easily and save them for future reference. Once you have done that, find a quiet place to sit for at least five minutes.

⦁ So far, what does high-frequency living mean to you? Write the answer down from the top of your head. There’s no need to search for it. You do not need accuracy here, just a basic and initial opinion.

⦁ When you think of high-frequency living, what words come to mind? Write them down, preferably as words or sentence fragments. What sounds come to mind? List them. What foods come to mind? List them. What social movements come to mind? List them. What images come to mind? If you don’t have internet access, list and describe those images. If you have a computer with internet access, search for those images, and save them anywhere you prefer (for example, in your computer’s picture album or on a social media site like Pinterest).

⦁ Quickly from the top of your head, list 10 activities, habits, relations or habitual feelings that will make this lifestyle hard for you. At the end of the book, when you have learned more about this lifestyle, you can re-do this exercise and see if your list is the same.

⦁ Does this lifestyle ignite a bit of fear in you? If yes, quickly list 3 fears that come to the top of your head. Do not ponder on them yet. You do not want to talk yourself out of listing them.

Before moving forward, make sure to complete these exercises. They will help prepare your mind for further study of this path. They will also help you dig into your psyche and reveal to you your fears, expectations, and desires as well as some personal issues you may face on this path.