High-frequency Minds

flowers-2806675_1920 bbFrom the root chakra to the crown chakra, from your higher self to the spirits around you, there are a plethora of ways for thoughts to enter your mind. Once there, in your mind, thoughts gain power. The longer they reside in your mind, the more energy they build. For this reason, the most important part of the high-frequency lifestyle is learning how to control and evolve your thoughts.

Thoughts are more powerful than any of us can ever imagine. They have the ability to affect every aspect of life. The more willpower you have as the thinker, the more powerful your thoughts. The more powerful your thoughts, the more your thoughts impact your present and future as well as the people around you. Every action begins with a thought. But thoughts do not need action to impact life. That is the power of thoughts.

For example, if you focus strong enough on the idea that you are an exotic beauty, someone that day or the next will tell you that you are beautiful. You won’t have to paint an extra layer of make-up on your face, or get a stylish haircut, or even buy a new outfit. You won’t have to walk around with a welcoming smile. And you won’t have to chant repeatedly, “I am beautiful.” All you need to do is think strongly on how beautiful you are.

This is beginner’s magic. Great magicians master this concept early on. Where you focus your intention is where your energy goes.

Everything is energy. Everything is made of energies, an accumulation of various energies merged together and then solidified in the physical dimension, giving you the hologramic visuals that all around you is solid mass. But that is not so, at least not entirely.

Welcome to the world of multi-dimensions. We exist, simultaneously in multiple dimensions.

In the physical dimension most everything is solid mass. It is in this dimension you see your body covered with skin and patches of hair. You see cars, razors, ovens, crystals, and cups of tea. There are concrete walls that you cannot pass without knocking down, and floors covered with slats of wood that you cannot sink through.

In the astral and etheric dimensions where we also exist, we are just energy (or to be more specific, energies). You, me, the room you are in, the dog barking down the street, the airplane flying in the sky, the tree at the corner, the ant in the grass before you, the fields of lavender in that french video – all of it is just energy, light energy – fluid, insoluble, vibrating, and colorful. Wind, water, soil and fire are also energies as well as thoughts, intentions, fantasies, words (written and spoken), and actions. Everything you can think of is energy.

This concept is very important in a high-frequency life because understanding it will change how you see life. It will help you understand what humanity is currently facing, why things happen the way they happen, and why it is becoming increasingly important for us all to start producing higher energy and energetic forms.


⦁ Grab your cell phone or computer. Go online. Go to a search engine like Google.com. Search, in Images, these two terms: “astral energy light body” and “astral energy grid”. Scroll through the images for a few of seconds to familiarize yourself with how energy can look.
⦁ Find a quiet spot to sit. Take a quick look around, at the placement of objects.
⦁ Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the room you are now in. Visualize whatever is in that room – cell phone, chairs, beds, tables, cups, plants, computers.
⦁ Take a few deep breaths. Slowly breathe in and out. Relax your mind and body.
⦁ See yourself as energy, a big ball of energy. Visualize this until the image is clear.
⦁ Now, see everything around you as energy too – tables, chairs, cups and etc.
⦁ Focus on the object that you are sitting on and the objects directly around you. Focus until you can see them clearly as energy.
⦁ See the different energies merging with your energy, where they touch each other and slowly disconnecting the further away they are from each other.

The purpose of this exercise is to gain a basic understanding on how energy works and how energy impacts each other when they near each other. This is the key that most religious texts are missing. With this key, you can better grasp why many religious laws came into being. Most importantly, you can understand how many of these laws can help protect you from negativity as well as help you create a healthy life for yourself and the world you come into contact with.

So if you want to live a high-frequency life, you must first begin working on your mind. You must transform your thoughts before you can even think about transforming your actions. Your thoughts are your powerhouse.