Yogic meditation exercises by A.P. Mukerji

yoga-179630_1280.jpgThe right exercise of thought power is an act of creation. “Each thought is a soul,” says Lytton. “What you think that you are, what you shall think that you shall be,” are the words of Buddha. “We live in that state of development our thoughts create for us.” “A drop of ink makes millions think,” and one might pile one saying above another to the same effect.

Certain thoughts exhaust the life force, others create it. Injurious thought currents can be suppressed by raising an opposition wave. Hatred should be replaced by love, worry by hopefulness, hesitation by decision, anger by calmness and so forth: the finer always suppresses the grosser, mark you.

Training is necessary. Knowledge must be gained. Strength of the will power must be developed. For we have to acquire knowledge and then patiently see to the practical application of it in life. Mere intellectual contemplation of an idea is not the proper way to success in Occultism.

The mind is capable of existing in two states: Positive and Negative. Both are necessary for the upkeep of mental and physical equipoise. We must be able to call up either state at will and without the least of friction and strenuous effort. The positive state is a state of tension, alertness, centrality. The negative state is an attitude of receptivity, relaxation and nonresistance. The former if sustained all through the day would mean exhaustion and nervous breakdown. The latter, unless self induced, would render us a victim to the “world, the flesh, and the devil.” The former calls for an increase of nerve force. The latter conserves this force and replenishes the store house.

We must attune ourselves to both these states. Thought is the fine cause of action; control the one and you have controlled the other. Evil, health destroying and will weakening thoughts must be faced by a calm and positive attitude. A position of strength should be taken up. “I am strong. I am pure. I have nought to do with evil thoughts and practices. I command my brain. My body is my slave. I am master within my own house. No thought here remains without my permission. No thought grips me and holds me its slave. I am master.” By a calm positive attitude I mean that you should not allow yourself to be flurried and disturbed when faced by an Evil thought, but should face it as if already sure of conquest.

Simultaneously with these auto-suggestions, the attention should be turned to something lofty and noble. We must go on encouraging the inflow of noble ideas, till, at last, the evil thought is cut off from our mental vision and drops off altogether. The mind can think of one thing at a time. Think nobly and loftily and the evil thoughts will soon “take the hint” and cease to disturb you.

Whilst we repeat mental suggestions, we must feel their action. We must take long, caressing breaths and breathe life upon them. Thus they will become permanent in our constitution. With each successful effort, automatism will be hastened, till at last in a very short time we shall become so strongly grounded in our principles that bad thoughts will be thrown off automatically and nothing evil shall touch us. Express the Good the Pure, the Powerful in yourself and you can easily repress the Evil, the Impure and the Weak.

The most important factor in the training and development of mind, in the expansion or rather the enfoldment of the soul, is Concentration. Now concentration means the power of holding the mind to centre; to a focal point, without allowing any other thoughts to touch you. Concentration is perfect attention. All, Yes! all possess this power of attention.

[Here are 20 examples of positive thoughts to concentrate on:]

1. I will be what I will to be. I “can” and I “will” be Free.

2. Locked up in my soul is All Power, All Wisdom, All Love. My first, last and only mission in life is to give Explicit Expression to the Soul Force, the All Go(o)d implicit in my being. I live for Self Perfection.

3. I yield to no external agencies, be they human or nonhuman. He that fights for me is Within me and he is strength itself. My inner nature is a battery of irresistible force.

4. By the way of nothing I resolve to realize the Parambramhan, the Supreme Self, the Absolute, who alone exists away beyond Time and Space; beyond Cause and Effect, beyond Light and Darkness; beyond all relative manifestation.

5. I renounce all thirst for Life on Earth or in Heaven. I resolve to be cold to Pleasure and to be calm to Pain. I am “Desire Free.”

6. Henceforth I obey no Law, manmade or God-made, but what is sanctioned by my own highest Intuition and Inner Judgment. I am a Disembodied Spirit working, living and breathing for all that is related to me by Spiritual Affinity. I care little for this world with its thousand-cloven tongues of gratis advice, praise and censure. I can but obey my polarity. I want nothing. I seek Strength in Chastity. I seek Wisdom in the Silence of my own heart, which is assuredly the Seat of Divinity and the Fountain of all Virtue and Goodness.

7. I dedicate myself: body, soul and spirit to the service of the “Great Orphan”, humanity. I worship God by serving Man.

8. I resolve in this life, so to train myself, that I shall be a tremendous centre of Spiritual Force. My entire personality must reflect Divine Splendour. It must be a living and powerful lever to Uplift, Ennoble and Purify all such as come into contact with me. I am a Spiritual Exemplar of greatness.

9. I strive for the Christ-Life, the Buddha Life, and the Great Lives whose touch has brought me Light of Knowledge.

10. I resolve to be serious, devoted and constant in my principles every moment of my life, awake or asleep; at work or at rest; in society or in solitude; in joy or in grief; in praise or in blame; in earth-life or hereafter. I am determined that nought shall shake my purpose, which is unalterably fixed. By the sword of Knowledge I will cut asunder and dispel all fear, within and without.

11. I resolve to be Fearless. I deny the Power of anything, within or outside of my physical form to weaken me. I am resolved that my nerves shall be steady and obey my mandates.

12. I resolve to be Pure and perfectly Chaste, Clean, Contented, and studious. I shall by force of my Will Power crush and starve out all sensual and unclean thoughts; and conquer, most thoroughly, “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life.” I am the embodiment of Continence.

13. I resolve to live above the animal stage, above the merely human stage, above all, as far as possible, that pertains to either or both. I resolve to live the Divine Life, which is not only superhuman but is above it.

14. I resolve to master my mind and body. The education of the Will and the Expansion of my spiritual Stature is the aim of my existence, since what appear to be trials beyond the endurance of common humanity can have no terrors for the Expanded Intellect of the Yogi. The dawn of Spiritual Greatness heralds the death of Pain. Pain fructifies in the soil of Ignorance.

15. I resolve to thoroughly master all the principles of Spiritual Unfoldment and to spare no pains for the acquirement of right Knowledge; since the emotion that is a constant impulsion to noble living and lofty aspirations is baffled in its efforts and becomes a source of Pain unendurable, when the Clear Light of the Intellect does not shine upon the Path.

16. I resolve to mount guard over Speech, Thought and Action, lest by recklessness or inadvertency I should, in any way, however slightly, sully myself Spiritually and thus give myself cause for self condemnation. I resolve to put Emotion under the yoke of Reason.

17. I resolve to be Gentle, Quiet and Loving to others. My bearing towards others shall be one of perfect sweetness. I radiate the Supreme Power, the Love Force, the Expansion of which shall be my constant endeavour and a source of all-bliss to mankind.

18. I resolve to be a staunch upholder of the Great Law of Compassion and Non injury. From me there can be no danger to anything or anybody. I wish everyone perfect Soul-Bliss.

19. I resolve to hold myself ever Calm and Serene. I can never be a slave to worry, anger or any other emotional disturbance, I am Master everywhere and always, over everything and all conditions.

20. I am independent of the body and use same as an instrument. I am and have Eternal Life. I am a Soul indestructible and have a body. I am one with All. I am the All.

~ Yogic Meditation Exercises from Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness [1911]