The Love commandments


Do not be about destruction. Do not be about vengeance. Do not kill. Do not harm.

Be about love. Be about tenderness. Be about compassion. Be sad about every small ill that endangers a life.

Have a clear mind. Have clear thinking. Have good judgment of what is right and what is wrong. You should never want to do harm because money is offered to you or because you fear an inevitable event. No, you do not want to do harm to anyone.

You must always remember that in life, situations will present themselves to you where you must make a decision in a split second. You need to always remember that if you put love first and you assess your heart, you will realize what you need to do without thinking twice. The question is always about love. If you love someone, are you capable of doing harm to that person. That is the key to every situation you encounter. Put the word love in it and you will always get the answer somehow, someway. Listen to your heart and see what it has to say.

Love will always bridge the gap. Love will give you respite. Love will always send you to the cloud. Love opens the door to the Universe for you because love is what God is all about. God would never want you to hate and therefore God would never want you to take destruction into your hands and act on Its behalf.

You must realize that every time someone comes to you with a proposal that denotes harm to somebody else, even for the love of your own children you should not do it. It is not worth putting such a karma on your back. No matter what the proposal is, if it involves harming somebody else, do not do it.

God will act on Its own if it needs be but never you. Do not do harm to others. Do not even consider it because an evil thought carries a whip with it. You only have to think bad of someone, you latch onto him evil and demons. Control your thoughts. Control your actions. Control your words. Do not fall into any evil trap. Do not do evil on behalf of others.

You must use love as a weapon for cure, as a weapon for caring, as a weapon for solving issues. It may sound weird to you to be told that love heals all wounds but it is really the truth. Love solves all concerns, pains and suffering.

You have been researching and searching for answers in all directions but the word that you are looking for is love. And I mean real love, deep love. Love will open all doors for you but it must be real. It must be the love that is indestructible, that is sublime, that is unattached and that is warm. You cannot love and still want or desire bad for someone. That is not love. Please search in the deep recesses of your own soul for love. When you discover your capacity for the greatest feeling of all which is love you will know that all powers are yours because Love is Power.

Be Love in its grandest, most magnificent way. Love to love and love to heal all wounds through love.

Adopt love and you adopt power over all. Adopt love and you adopt well-being for all. Adopt love and you adopt happiness for all.

Love. Love. Love.

Open your heart and open your soul to the divine, to mankind, to nature and to all Its creations and you will see everything will be nothing but successes after successes for you all.

Every single creation of God deserves a kind word from you. Every single creation of God is waiting for your acknowledgement. Appreciate the water that you drink, the wind that blows through the trees, the fire that warms up your water, the soil that bears all your foods and you will know that you have lifted yourself to the Universe. Every single creation of God is worth an acknowledgement as much as you need to acknowledge yourself and appreciate yourself for all your goodness.

You are a part of God. And you deserve the best that It has to offer. But how can you obtain all the best if you cannot see the details in the web or tapestry of life. You must be able to see yourself in it and realize that we are all there weaved in together as one so we cannot but love each other. Love we tell you is the key to all. All the doors of the Universe will open to you when love becomes your motto in life.