How to bring inner knowledge out


It is not an easy process. You must spend time meditating and sticking it out so to say. You must focus on what you want to find, listen to the deep part of yourself and feel like you are digging for answers.

The key is to focus.

The key is to meditate.

The key is to have intent.

You are meditating with the purpose of finding out what you are searching for.

Let us say for example your goal is to discover if Atlantis did exist. Well, you are going to dig it out. You are going to focus on it. You are going to focus on the name, focus on what you read about, focus on the people that might have lived at that time, focus on the terrain. Then, the answer will come to you either in a dream, through some news that just happen to pop in front of your eyes or through a book a friend might mention to you.

The key is to keep your mind open to accommodate the new knowledge. You then realize you got the answer you were looking for. Most people are not willing to take the time to find out.

It is all inside of you. You can always get it because it is yours. Once you have acquired that knowledge it is yours to keep. Then you can move on to the next project.