strudel-1949587_1920My very first OBE occurred in October 2000, and because I was so new at this mystical world I assumed I was going to die.

While sleeping, I saw three ladies in my room staring at me while I was in my bed. They told me to get up and follow them. I rose out of bed while I noticed that my body was still on the bed and a thread connecting  me and my sleeping body.

The three ladies and I flew out of the room, passed through the bedroom door and glided downstairs to the breakfast room where I saw my daughter with her teacup on the table. I called out her name but she did not seem to hear me. I passed my hand over her cup and my hand went straight through. Then, the three ladies told me it was time to go.

We went upward toward the ceiling and flew out into the night sky. It was a black void we flew through and we eventually landed down on a multi-arched bridge in England. They told me to wait for them while they went to speak with a man seated under a large umbrella. They came back and told me that he was ready to speak to me. I had no idea who this man was and therefore was leery of meeting him. They encouraged me to go because supposedly the man had some questions to ask me.

I proceeded to go meet him. He asked me three questions to which I must have responded adequately because he said I was ready to proceed forward. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted something in return and I gave him my request.

The ladies and I departed and we arrived in my room where I went right back into my body.

Since 2000 I have had several OBEs but the above remains the most epic because it was the precursor of the siddhis that were going to be granted to me.