7 Dangers of channeling

number 7 - Image by AnnaER from Pixabay

First, what is channeling? Channeling is the ability to communicate with non-physical beings, i.e. ghosts, extraterrestrials, elementals, angels, gods or spirits. In these communications, information is given in the form of words, numbers, pictures and/or emotions. It is similar to an internal conversation, except that the person on the other side is not yourself, but another.

Many who channel find the process fascinating and enlightening. Imagine being able to have a conversation at any time and in any place with a more intelligent being… Imagine having all your questions about the past, present and future answered immediately… Imagine being able to intellectually meet beings from other dimensions, planets and worlds… These are just a few benefits of channeling non-physical entities. However, there is more to channeling than beauty. There is an ugly side that many today are facing. Here are some dangers that clairaudients should be aware of if they intend to or are channeling non-physical entities.

1. Impostors. Before channeling, one must be aware of the famous quote by Hermes Trismegistus: “as above, so below.” Just as there are impostors here, so are there in other worlds and dimensions. In order to get a clairaudient’s attention or fill a clairaudient’s request, a being will call itself a name that is not its real name. For example, if a clairaudient has a special interest in talking to Jesus Christ, a being will pose as Jesus to get the clairaudient’s attention. The important question in this situation is “Why?” Why the pretense? Sometimes, it is as simple as having the opportunity to get a message across. Humans are more likely to listen to a famous name than to one that is not. And sometimes, it is as evil as taking the opportunity to persuade a human to do a horrendous act against humanity.

2. Evil Persuasion. As mentioned above, non-physical beings have been known to persuade a clairaudient to commit acts he or she would not commit under normal circumstances. Many non-physical beings have the ability to read minds. This gives them the knowledge to know what words (assurances, promises, or tales) the clairaudient needs in order to believe what he or she is doing is right. Some examples a clairaudient should look out for are: unwise financial investments, acts that alienate, acts that are criminal, acts that are inhumane, and acts based on promised material gain.

3. Lies. Just because a being is non-physical does not mean that being is more knowledgeable or spiritually enlightened than the clairaudient. Nor does it mean the being is able to say “I do not know” to a question it has insufficient knowledge to answer. Therefore, not everything said in a channeled reading is true. The clairaudient and the reader must decide on their own, the validity of the reading. The question the clairaudient and reader must ask is: does the channeled reading resonate true, helpful, compassionate, humane, loving, wise and knowledgeable? If possible, verify the information being given. But also keep in mind that some messages come in “half truths and half lies”.

4. Addiction. Having entities present at all hours flattering the ego, listening to and answering questions is addicting. Those who lack self-control, who are in great material or emotional need, are anti-social or mentally unbalanced, can become addicted to such attention. Channelers must maintain control on the amount of times they channel as well as be able to say “no” to channeling entities that have proven to be untrustworthy or unhealthy.

5. Porosity. The majority of people have an invisible bubble that surrounds them. This bubble is a veil that prevents the seeing and hearing of non-physical beings. Once a clairaudient channels, a hole is poked into that bubble. And the more that person channels, the bigger the hole or the more numerous the holes get, leading to a gradual removal of the veil. Our etheric and astral dimensions are home to both good and evil. Thus, if the channeler does not have sufficient protection, evil and disturbing non-physical entities are able to prey on him. Complaints from channelers range from incessant talking to loud noises made, in order to jolt the clairaudient awake at night. Also, if the channeler is unprepared, a quick removal of the veil can lead to mental instability and/or the inability to handle such a gift in public.

6. Misjudgment. One of the first lessons that clairaudients should learn is how to distinguish their thoughts from others. In our current fast pace life, it is easy to forget oneself. It is easy to forget who we are and how we think. If a channeler forgets this, he/she runs into the problem of acting in ways that are unusual for his or her character. For example, the channeler could scream at his friend for no reason, to later learn that the reason for his anger is a subtly pushed thought and emotion by a non-physical entity. Two best ways to combat this issue is to think before acting and to question all thoughts.

7. Attraction. The more a clairaudient channels, the more she shows the astral that she is capable of hearing other dimensions. The more capable she proves to be, the more entities will try to speak to and through her. If the clairaudient is not careful, she can amass an unhealthy amount of entities in her astral field and in her home.

Channeling is not a game, nor is it something to fear. Like everything else, it follows our law of polarity: beauty and ugliness, good and evil, light and dark, health and illness, knowledge and ignorance. Therefore, channeling should be entered with wisdom, peace, love and happiness. Once you pass the darkness within, much light is to be found.