What can the sun, moon, earth, elements, and their creator teach us?

earth-2817914_1920The main function of all these energies or all these beings or all these aspects of the universe is to teach us togetherness, connectedness, love for each other, the binding of all of us, the merging of our souls together to form the tapestry we call the universe.

One cannot do without the other, for we are in this game together as one. Imagine the earth without water? What would you drink? How would your kidneys function? Imagine no fire to warm up the cold days? Imagine no air to cool off the day and so on. We cannot live without the other. We are all one and if one disappears, there is a void that needs to be filled.

Think of when a family member dies. A void is created and you know you need to fill this void. You go around looking for another outlet. Whether mentally or physically, you do it because a link in that chain has been removed and in order to make the chain whole you have to replace that link.

Every single aspect of the universe belongs together to form the whole. So each and every one of them is also there to teach us responsibility and accountability, for each aspect of the universe is a brother or a sister to us.