How To Discern Truth

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It is not easy to discern the truth if you do not apply yourself. Many people are out for their own gains. So to discern the truth you need to pay attention to the person’s eyes, demeanor, behavior, choice of words and attitude. The tone of voice is also a great determinant of truth. Many people are probably spinning you a tale when they cannot look at you, when they shift their gaze, they seem restless, or they portray a topic that does not resonate with you.

And now we come to the unseen world. When you channel or speak to non-corporeal beings, discerning truth from them is harder. You cannot see them for eye contact. You cannot hear them to know their tone of voice. You cannot tell if they have restless tics, if they bite their tongue or if they have a smirk on their face. So it stands to reason that there are questions you must always ask yourself. Does the message make sense to you? Can you understand it? Does it appeal to you? Does it reflect just, fair and sensible thinking? If it does all that, then it probably stands as the truth for that moment in time.

One other aspect of a message that gives a solid clue to its credibility is when the channeled entity attaches a weird phrase to the information being transmitted. Channelers have reported phrases such as “you are on candid camera”, “when pigs fly”, “when chickens grow teeth”, or “when it snows in July”…. They then know that they are being conned.

The next concept that one must also bear in mind is that truth is not an absolute. What may be true today may be false tomorrow. So, a knowledge that you acquire through an experience today, stands as the truth today. Do not hold it true tomorrow unless it continues to be the same experience. Once it shifts and turns into something else, that truth becomes a fallacy and it is time to adapt to the new truth.

Truth is changeable per era, civilization, culture, religion, location and mores, along with many other aspects of life. So do not hold truth as an absolute for every component of life. Thus, each time you get a chance to move on, do it if it is a safe and legit route.

Lie and Truth are relative.