Arrival of the Daoist gods


The end of December 2013 brought magnificent beings that I did not know of or had ever seen or heard of: The Three Pure Ones.

It was during an Asian street festival that I saw these gods come out of a portal in mid-air. There were Chinese dragons, stilt walkers, balloons, lanterns, floats, Asian dancers in the street. I was on a balcony when I saw them. Two tall beings dressed in brightly colored kimonos with all types of what I assumed to be Chinese letters came out walking one after the other and then they were followed by an older one with white hair and long white beard seated on a rolling throne.

The first two looked at me, bowed their head in acknowledgement and continued walking in the street, unseen by the festival revelers. The third one stopped, stared at me, bowed his head in acknowledgement and uttered some words in a language I did not know, made a sign of blessing with a fan he had in his hand and then proceeded to follow the other two in the street.

The next day, after the above visit I heard a voice say “The Three Pure Ones.” I went searching and learned about Yuanshi Tianzun, Lingbao Tianzun and Daode Tianzun.

The Daoist teaching came mostly from Daode Tianzun although Yuanshi and Lingbao Tianzun assisted each by vesting me of a kimono similar to theirs. One was green and the other one was red. Daode’s kimono was yellow and before vesting me with it, I saw Chinese letters being imprinted on them in mid-air.

In one encounter with Daode Tianzun, he had me sit down on the ground across from him and started teaching me from a book various concepts about life on earth and in the universe. He was very patient with me when I could not capture the full meaning of his teaching. Through him, I saw geometric shapes I could not fathom, I heard music that I could not have come up with, other lives I had had in China, the meaning behind yin and yang and so on.

***Was it really them? I cannot say. Did they do me any harm? I say no. The question that one may ask is what is the importance of dealing with so-called gods. The answer would be to impart knowledge and wisdom but also light, understanding and acceptance of each other. There is a strong correlation between light and love.