7 Concepts to contemplate for Enlightenment


1. Life. Life does not repose only on what your body is and what your mind carries. No, life itself is attached to a grid in the universe and through this grid everyone interacts. Take a look at a grid where many roots are attached to it to form one. Each root talks to each other, laughs with each other, shares its experiences with each other. So you, being part of that grid are right now interacting with your parent, with other beings of other worlds, with spirits and with all lives as you see fit. You may want to share or you may want to cut communication with one to focus with several others. It is an amazing feat but one that can be done. All you have to do is apply yourself and focus mentally and etherically and you will do it. You can connect to the grid. There are pitfalls to avoid because not all minds are the same. So the same way you move away from a human not fit to be with, it is the same way you need to walk away from an etheric mind that does not feel like yours.

2. Death. Many people see death as the end of life and therefore they fear it and they hold on. Why is it that way? Death is the other side of life, like failure is the other side of success. Death brings an end to your physical being but your spirit is still intact. That same spirit which is connected to the grid communicating with others of like mind, is still there communicating. The physical body is only a shell, an encasement. The real important and never dying aspect of the self is the spirit. Your spirit is alive whether you are awake or you are sleeping, whether you are physical or you are etheric. So death is a life process because through death your spirit already knows in which body it is going to regenerate. Winter brings a tree trunk to its death in order to bring it back alive in the spring. So is the human body. Death is only a winter event heralding the spring venue, bigger, stronger and more beautiful.

3. Endurance. Many people feel that if they tumble once or twice it shows lack of endurance. When you tumble, it shows you that you have gone wrong somewhere and that it is time to pick up again and catch up with life. Endurance carries with it determination and a sense of self-worth. It is important to always feel that you are being supported by all the spirits in the grid that you have a relationship with. It is an interchange of feelings, emotions, and experience.

Endurance comes through the knowledge that no matter what, you are being watched and therefore you are being protected and that you may fall but you will have the strength to rise back up because you are given this support. Realize that your support comes through lifetimes of great deeds and endeavors. So use endurance as a gift given to you, welcome it and appreciate it.

4. Reliability. Reliability is of great importance in everything you do. No matter what you get involved in, if you promise to do something, you have to be reliable to that something, be it an endeavor or a person. A lot of people get into something and they let it go without giving it the time that it deserves. They do not give it the support that it requires in order to reach the finish line. They fall by the way side because they were not reliable. When they needed to do the walk as they did the talk, they were not available. Keeping a promise is what reliability is all about. To whomever you make a promise, it becomes an entitlement and therefore you must make yourself reliable to that entitlement. It goes for everything and everyone.

5. Need. Most people see need as what their body needs, as tangible, physical goods. But the concept of need is deeper than that. A need in oneself arises out of a lack. The lack may present itself in a physical format but it is actually an inner request that has sprung to fill a particular void. When a need for sex arises, meaning casual sex, analyze it on a deeper level and see what kind of need you may have, what kind of thoughts your higher self is injecting into you and requesting you to attend to. A need is an internal request to fill a void. Search deep within you for its meaning.

6. Indebtedness. Today, many people do not see that they are indebted to anyone for anything. They do not value what people do for them. They do not respect gifts given to them. They do not appreciate little tokens of love given to them by others. They do not even bother to say thank you even though the person went out of his way to please them. When we receive from someone, we are indebted to that someone. When we get love from someone, we are indebted to that someone. When we get monetary items from someone, we owe that someone something in return. It does not mean it is something monetary also. No. It means something so the person becomes a receiver just as we were.

So if the earth deeds you with its bounty, you are indebted to it, for the love of the earth is also a gift back to the earth. It works hand in hand. So indebtedness is a concept you should hold dear to your heart. Never take only and not give in return. For as long as you do not give, you still owe that person and for generations to come. A debt must be repaid always.

7. Wellbeing. Wellbeing is an important component of life. Many people do not see wellbeing as important. Therefore they spend their life running around, absorbing wealth, accumulating physical attributes, cosmetically rearranging themselves for others but never attend to their own self and the greatness they feel towards themselves. They forge through life without ever knowing what real bliss is all about. They never understand that the joy and wellbeing within oneself is what brings great energy to others. They forget that the inner self is asking for reprieve. They do not realize that to be happy carries abundance as well as optimal health, as well as love. They forget their wellbeing in order to please others and to cater to others.

No. The self needs great nurturing. It needs grooming. It needs internal strengthening. It needs love. In order to obtain happiness, one must attend to one’s own wellbeing. Attend to your inner needs. Attend to your inner beauty. Attend to you inner health. And the resulting effect is wellbeing.

Wellbeing brings glow, happiness, love, empathy, compassion, for when you have wellbeing, you have no need for jealousy, envy or hatred toward anyone. On the contrary, you have a great desire to share your abundance with others, your joy of life with others, your glow with others. Wellbeing is extremely important in acquiring the right kind of love. We attract who we are. Be well and therefore attract well.