beyond-744753_1920In 2004, I had my first vision of a previous life of mine. I saw myself as a house slave on a plantation in a Caribbean island.  I knew it was Caribbean because of the terrain, the trees, the whole environment. It appeared that a battle for independence was imminent and the slaves on that plantation depended on me for support.

The slave owner arrived to the house and as usual he wanted his lemonade. I brought him the lemonade on a tray knowing that I had put poison in it. I watched him drink it and then observed how he ended up dropping dead on the ground. Several male slaves were waiting for my sign that it was all taken care of. I opened the back door and they knew they could proceed with the next step.

The following vision was that of a Russian soldier standing in uniform next to another soldier in the Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I looked at the soldier’s uniform and looked down at mine, and at my tall brown boots. We were just talking while observing the people passing next to us. I paid attention to an elderly woman walking slowly with a black shawl over her head and shoulders. She looked at us and quickly moved away.

Another one was that of a barmaid in England. I saw myself serving drinks to a rowdy bunch of men. I am seeing them with their beer mug up screaming to be served.

This other past life shook me quite a bit. I saw myself being pursued by a bunch of people and I am running in a street in France and arriving in an area where a church stood facing me. I see several monks in dark brown or black robes in front of the church. I hurried to my right and enter a house and went upstairs. The bunch of men catch up with me and I know death is on-coming and accept that fact. I see myself passing the last breath as I am killed. It seemed to have been the St Bartholomew massacre.

Another vision is that I am waiting in a crowd for the arrival of someone important. Then, a chariot run by horses appear and all of us are screaming and chanting and exclaiming the greatest man on earth. I am dressed as a woman of the time, just as jubilant as everybody else. It is a major celebration that I get to see and enjoy.

Then out of nowhere I see a big banner suspended in the air with those written words “Alexander, the Great.”

I have been in Sumer, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, China, many times in India, France, England and many others.

***How can one hate any race, color or creed if one was a part of them in the past and might be so in the future. I subscribe to the “Birds of a feather flock together” as far as morality and way of life are concerned. By this, I mean I respect and honor every human being on earth no matter where he or she comes from. That being said, if someone hangs out in a drug infested environment or a crime ridden area, I reserve myself the right to live a safe and clean life.

Knowing our previous lives brings the understanding that we are not perfect and that in the end we are all connected whether we like it or not.