The Amare Rosita Foundation was launched by a group of psychics in the hope of improving the quality of life – human, animal, and earth – by teaching people around the world about the astral dimension and the clairsenses.

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Amare Rosita Foundation was founded by a small group of psychics with highly developed clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairentitasreception, and clairaudient abilities. In the struggle to handle such abilities, the founders have developed innovative ways to better their lives – ways they would like to now share with others.

They work with the energy of love and divinity, meaning they are only interested in working with the light of earth, creativity, tolerance, compassion, wisdom, healing, and unconditional love.

They are not hired healers, curse removers, stage magicians, or psychic attack fighters. They are not mediums; they do not contact the dead. They do not offer their services to ghost hunter organizations or psychic shops. So, please do not try to contact the foundation to obtain any of these services.

The founders of Amare Rosita Foundation are educators and innovators. They recognize the problems of humanity and earth, and search for alternative ways to solve them.

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The main goal of Amare Rosita Foundation is to improve the quality of life around the world through teaching about high-frequency living, the astral dimension, and various other philosophies.

The founders of Amare Rosita also want to encourage psychics to think about the different ways they can use their psychic abilities to help humanity and earth.

They want to encourage farmers, scientists, doctors, and writers to continue looking beyond the physical dimension in order to better solve problems.

Most of all, the founders want to encourage more conversations about the effects of the astral dimension on health, behavior, politics, food, and earth.

They believe humanity has reached a point in their evolution as a species to begin researching and discussing the impact of the astral dimension on life on earth, as well as humanity’s impact on the astral dimension.

They look forward to the day when all can see the truth – what goes on behind “the veil”.

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Amare Rosita Foundation is meant for everyone. But it focuses on those who have years of experience in spiritual science and psychic development. For that reason, the writers at the foundation will not be explaining many concepts at the beginners level. Nor will they be proving their knowledge and concepts. They are not here to prove. They are here to teach and encourage conversation.

If you are someone who needs proof or more background information, they recommend you visit other sites and then come back to this one once your research is finished.

They strongly recommend beginners learn the basics first. Not only will it help beginners read through the articles faster, it will also help them to keep their body and mind safe. Many of the exercises here are not recommended for beginners for reasons of safety and efficacy.

Developed clairsenses will allow for much deeper understanding of the information shared as well as for easier progress through the exercises. Clairsenses also help in developing proper protection and cleansing. For this reason, they again, recommend beginners to not start here.

For scientists, medical professionals, farmers and other industry leaders who have not developed their psychic skills but are interested in learning more – they welcome you. There’s a lot to learn. And they hope the information here will help inspire new research, or at the very least, conversation.

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